twinstar precast

If you can dream it, we can make it.


Twinstar Precast was established in 2014 with the aim to set a new standard in the Construction industry.

With 25 years of experience in concrete and the precast industry, we understand that every site has its own challenges and needs. Each project has unique problems and requirements and we will assist with those non-standard products to finish your contract no matter the size, quantity or complexity. 

Twinstar Precast is often the first choice to perform Custom or Bespoke projects. 





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Standard Products

Substations & Kiosk Bases

Precast plinths for Mini-subs, Electrical Kiosk and Generators | Manufacturer Specifications  including Eskom, Alstom, Hawker Siddly, City Power, Tshawane and others. 

We also do custom Plinths to suit your requirements.


Cable Cover slabs

Cable Cover Slabs available in various sizes as per customer request


Stormwater channels

Standard Stormwater channels available including precast V-Drains and Taper Chute channels.


We stock a range of standard markers for Pipelines, Electrical Cables, Optic Fibre, Valves, Fire Hydrants &Sewer Lines. We also Custom Make any marker as per customer requirements.

Alluminium and Stainless Steel Plates and engraving also available.


Slabs and Bases

All slabs are cast per customer designs. We do cast in of various Polymer and Cast Iron Product.

Base slabs for chambers as well as cover slabs with or without entry available in any size and shape.


Polymer Manhole Lids and Grids

We are proud to announce that we now manufacture Polymer Products. (Also known as Polyester Resin or Fibre Resin)

Polymer Products contain no metal components, therefor the risk of theft is eliminated. Polymer Products offer a medium and heavy duty solution according to the SANS 1882/2003 specification.


SQuare Manholes and Manhole Slabs

Square manhole sections can be cast according to the customers needs.

Various sizes and heights is available.